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My name is Steven Lesley and I am and always have been an industrial designer at heart.

Growing up in Santa Monica California, I found myself fascinated with the ways things worked, and spent much of my childhood building, creating, and taking apart products in order to understand how they functioned.  I enjoyed the challenge of creating improved designs for products and systems I encountered in my life and in fixing things that did not work efficiently.

In high school I learned about the position of product designer and immediately identified with it. During my senior year, I proposed and received approval for an independent study, which allowed me to learn about the process of designing. I was lucky enough to connect with a local industrial designer who helped teach me fundamental design process by designing a working product with me. From that point on, it only set in stone that this was the career for me.

I am now a product designer with a Bachelor of Science from ArtCenter College of Design. Although proficient in design process, I also excel at providing concept development through exploration utilizing 2D and 3D sketching as well as development through prototyping. I share an equal love for developing products and the systems to support these products. 

I have grown a lot since designing as a child. However to this day I still find the same thrill in designing products as I did then. My deep exploration of industrial design at Art Center College of Design has fueled this passion.



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